Women's SAN FRANCISCO 49ers (Smaller charm for women's)


Description: SAN FRANCISCO 49ers Cobra style paracord survival bracelet, handcrafted with Type III Parachute 550 Cord 7 strand.

Charm Size: 12x16mm

49ers- WOMEN

Size for Bracelet
Color of Bracelet
Charm Logo

DISCLAIMER: The difference between the men and womens' bracelets are the sizing of the charm. This affects the pricing. Men's sports bracelets are all $46.32 no matter the team logo. Women's sports bracelets are all $43.32 no matter the team logo. 

  • Men's bracelet charm size: 18x25mm.
  • Women's bracelet charm size: 12x16mm.

Product Care: Proper care includes avoiding direct and prolonged contact with water, lotions, perfumes, and chemicals. Gently wipe the plated precious metal jewelry after use, so you can enjoy ALY fashion jewelry for a long time!